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Welcome to the Shipping FAQ Page for Pro Music Bags

We have tried to answer any questions you may have regarding shipping, but if you still require more information, please feel free to contact us here.

When will my product be shipped?

We dispatch all orders at 9.00am every day, any order received after that time will be dispatched the next working day. At least 95% of our orders are shipped on time.

Do you offer international shipping?

We ship worldwide, but please be aware that if you live outside of the EU, you may be charged customs or import fees.

How long does shipping take?

Economy delivery to standard UK addresses usually takes 48-72 hours, and EU economy delivery can take up to 2 weeks. We do offer an express delivery service to many countries, for an extra fee. For super-fast delivery, please ask for a quote.

How much does shipping cost?

Economy shipping to the UK is always FREE! Please see the table below for a full list of shipping options & prices.


Economy Delivery

Express Delivery

Shipping Zone

Transit Time


Transit Time


UK 2-5 Days FREE 24-48 Hours £5.95
Austria 5-12 Days £13.95 2-5 Days £15.95
Belgium 5-12 Days £9.95 2-5 Days £10.95
Bulgaria 5-12 Days £29.95 2-5 Days £33.95
Croatia Not Available 2-5 Days £29.95
Czech Republic Not Available 2-5 Days £13.95
Denmark 5-12 Days £13.95 2-5 Days £15.95
Estonia 5-12 Days £23.95 2-5 Days £28.95
Finland 5-12 Days £24.95 2-5 Days £29.95
France 5-12 Days £13.95 2-5 Days £14.95
Germany 5-12 Days £9.95 2-5 Days £11.45
Greece 5-12 Days £24.95 2-5 Days £36.95
Hungary Not Available 2-5 Days £15.95
Ireland 5-12 Days £16.95 2-5 Days £18.95
Italy 5-12 Days £13.95 2-5 Days £20.95
Latvia 5-12 Days £20.95 2-5 Days £24.95
Lithuania 5-12 Days £19.95 2-5 Days £20.95
Luxumborg 5-12 Days £9.95 2-5 Days £11.95
Netherlands 5-12 Days £9.95 2-5 Days £10.95
Poland Not Available 2-5 Days £12.45
Portugal 5-12 Days £18.95 2-5 Days £23.95
Romania 5-12 Days £22.95 2-5 Days £32.45
Slovakia 5-12 Days £18.95 2-5 Days £19.95
Slovenia 5-12 Days £16.95 2-5 Days £18.45
Spain 5-12 Days £16.95 2-5 Days £18.45
Sweden 5-12 Days £18.95 2-5 Days £19.95
Switzerland Not Available 2-5 Days £19.45
USA 7-14 Days £25.95 Not Available
Canada 7-14 Days £39.95 Not Available
Australia 7-14 Days £31.95 Not Available
Rest of World Contact Us £39.95 Not Available

What shipping companies do you use?

For economy shipping in the UK, we use Hermes & for Next Day delivery we use UK Mail. For European economy shipments, we use the Spring Global network. Express worldwide orders are shipped with Interlink or Fedex.

Will all my products be delivered in one delivery?

Depending on the shipping option which you choose at checkout, your items may be sent as multiple packages.

How can I track my item?

We will provide you with tracking information by email very soon after dispatching your order.

Can I make changes to my delivery?

Before your order is dispatched, we are usually able to make changes. If you choose an express delivery option, you can often make changes to the delivery date or request for your order to be left with a neighbour/in a safe place.