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Our ever-growing range of violin cases aims to provide a solution for every violinist. We have low-end models designed for students, luxury & fiberglass cases for those with a looser budget & everything in-between.

We have focused our business on violin cases alone, as we believe that it will allow us to provide the best customer service!

Choose from our varying designs and colours, whatever your need, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.

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As Joshua Bell, the great violinist said, “When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story.”

We believe in his words that's how we understand the role of a violin in your life. Taking care of the piece of your soul is as important as playing it. So the case cover you choose should match your personality with the same appeal.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find the right case for your violin when there are numerous designs available. You might also wonder why there are so many designs to fit a standard instrument? For your convenience, we request you to go through the below factors before choosing the best violin case.

Priorities: You should balance your priorities between features, security, storage and weight.

Shapes: Musicians gear bags come in different designs like Violin Shaped, Half-moon and Oblong. We have transformed these designs to be carried easily with violin shoulder rest. For enough storage, there is full size violin case / double violin case and bobelock violin case for security.

Protection: Suspension feature should not be taken for granted. The case should be well injected with foam and interior padding. Your Gewa violin body should float in the shell and bump resistant to avoid any breakage.

Humidity Control: A case should serve the violin at a constant temperature between 60 to 70 °F and a relative humidity of 35% - 50%.

Long Life: Your case should be built to last. The interior and exterior hardware like latches, hinges, handles or locks should be of superior quality for smooth handling.

Colours: Choose the colour wisely and let the case cover appearance speak for you.