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Lightweight Violin Case Collection

The lightweight collection consists of three designs, starting with the low-end basic violin case, going right up to our unique, luxury case. All of these cases are made with a strong foam shell, allowing for strong protection without breaking your back.

The basic case is certainly a hot seller and is very popular with students who are using simple violins. It comes at a very low price of £39.95 and is very capable of protecting any violin. It has a compact design and is therefore very easy to carry or store.

The deluxe model is one step up from the basic case, with some extra storage pockets and two bow spinners. It will provide ample protection and can store all your accessories and has plenty of room for your music notes.

Our luxury model, with its velvet silk interior, takes things to a new level. This case has a beautiful design and is certainly our favourite. If you really love your violin, what better way to show it?