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Fiberglass Collection

Fibreglass violin cases are designed for ultimate protection of your prized violin. These cases are usually bought by customers who own expensive violins and are prepared o make the extra investment to keep them safe from damage.

These fibreglass violin cases are extremely strong and equally beautiful, no matter which model catches your eye, you can be sure they will fulfil their purpose.

Traditionally, a fibreglass violin case costs between £120-£250 and weighs a few kilo, so if you are shopping for a case for a young child - it may not be the smartest choice. That is - until now! Our new fibre reinforced violin has been designed to solve this problem. Using an innovative new mix of materials, it looks & feels just like fiberglass, and has all of the standard benefits which can be expected from a fiberglass violin case. Retailing at only £94.95 & weighing just 2kg, it is no wonder it has been such a hit with customers all over the world.

Browse our collection of exceptionally high-quality fiberglass violin cases. Check out our new fibre reinforced model, or choose from one of our traditional fiberglass cases.